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Wine & Dine Wednesdays!

September 23, 2008

Starting tomorrow, Wednesday September 24th, we’re starting our “Wine & Dine Wednesday”. We’re offering some great wines at discounted prices.

Here’s the list:


Pinot Blanc, A to Z 2006; Oregon :: Glass $7.50, Bottle $25.00

Crisp & refreshing, light to medium bodied, aromas of melon, peaches, nectarines, honey with minerals and lime zest; lingering finish. Great with clams, oysters and light fish dishes.

Sauvignon Blanc/Pinot Grigio/Gewurztraminer, Brassfield “Serenity, 2006 :: Glass $7.50, Bottle $25.00

A rich, broad wine with citrus, kiwi and melon aromas, tangy, with a refreshing combo of green apple and grapefruit. Enjoy with some of our cheese selections as well as shellfish.

Chardonnay, Monarchia Winery “Bottonage” Eger Huntry, 2005 :: Glass $9.00, Bottle $30.00

A medium bodied wine with flavors of pear & apple with light buttery, roasty notes. Great with chicken, pork, seafood and light pasta dishes.


Granacha Artazuri, 2006; Navarra, Spain :: Glass $6.50, Bottle $21.00

A light to medium bodied wine with cherry flavors and aromas of flowers and fruit. Pair with chicken, pork, veal or duck.

Parraleta Bodega Pirineos, 2004; Somontano, Spain :: Glass $9.00, Bottle $30.00

Deep purple with rich fruit flavors of strawberries & raspberries; hints of cinnamon and pepper that intermingle on the palate with a velvety finish. A great match for sirloin steak and enjoyable with some of our cheeses.

Merlot, Wellington Vineyards, 2002; Sonoma Valley, California :: Glass $7.50, Bottle $25.00

A medium bodied wine with black cherry & raspberry with French oak and soft tannins. Try it with our American Pastime cheese flight or pair it up with our pork chop or veal chop.

Wine & Dine Wednesday will be every Wednesday!


Some Fun Pictures…

September 12, 2008

Our Cornmeal Fried Calamari with house-made tartare sauce and spicy marinara. Such a crunchy outside and perfectly cooked calamari inisde!

Coho salmon seared, then finished in the oven; served with fresh heirloom tomatoes and roasted beets finished with a fresh basil beurre blanc.

Fresh habaneros from the farm. Just such a cool picture!

The last picking of raspberries from Melick’s Farm in Oldwick. Beautiful raspberries!

Washington Appletini

September 6, 2008

We’re coming into the fall and this is a great cocktail to try with all the fresh apples you’ll be getting.

Washington Appletini:

Chill martini glass.

Combine with ice:

2 ounces Crown Royal

2 ounces Sour Apple Pucker

3 ounces Cranberry Juice

Shake well!

Garnish with a cherry or a slice of green apple!

Want a drink?

Crown Royal (from Wikipedia):

Crown Royal is a blended Canadian whiskey, 40% alcohol by volume, 80 proof.The production of Crown Royal began in 1939 coincident with the first Royal Tour of Canada by reigning monarch King George VI and his wife Queen Elizabeth. To mark this historic occasion, Samuel Bronfman, President of the Seagram Company, decided to create a quality whisky to be packaged in a crown-shaped bottle and dressed in a distinctive royal purple bag. Like the packaging, the name chosen for the product was intended to reflect the quality of the spirit, a marketing concept that quickly caught consumer attention. It was available only in Canada until 1964.

Sour Apple Pucker (from

The Sour Apple Pucker is a little bit sweet, a little bit tart, and while it’s probably not a “gourmet” liqueur, it adds a nice zip to a lot of cocktails.

GC Blog’s First Contest!

September 5, 2008

Fondue & Brew for Two!!

Sign up to win our delicious Classic Cheese Fondue (made with Gruyere, Appenzeller, Emmenthaler and Kirschwasser), two accompaniments and two pints of any of our beers on tap.

Send an email to with your name and phone number so we can contact you when you win!Good Luck!!!

(Winner will be chosen in a drawing.)

The Colonial Burger

September 3, 2008

“The rare, juicy burger is worth traveling for.” – Valerie Sinclair, NJ Monthly 2006

Best Cheeseburger, Critics Pick, NJ Monthly 2006

Each Colonial Burger is made with 10 ounces of freshly ground chuck, seasoned with salt & pepper and grilled to perfection; slices of Oregon State Tillamook Cheddar is melted on top. The juicy burger is then placed on a lighly toasted homemade potato and onion roll and sent out with Bibb lettuce, fresh tomato and red onion with a side of Fireside Fries; homemade spicy ketchup and tartar sauce with a Kosher dill pickle finish the dish.

Oregon State Tillamook Cheddar

"All right Mr. DeMille, I'm ready for my close up!"

Thank You School Employees!

September 2, 2008

During the month of September The GC would like to send a little “Thanks” to teachers and school employees. Just present your school-issued ID card or your NJEA card to your server and recieve 10% off of Brunch (per ID card only, does not include alcohol). Brunch is Sunday from 10:30 am to 2 pm.