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Hops To It!

August 13, 2008

Ah, beer. There are so many people who love beer. It’s one of the world’s oldest beverages with evidence of it in all different cultures; it’s basic formula is water, malted barley, and yeast (though most people add other things to make the taste more interesting). And not just beer, there is Ale, Lager, India Pale Ale (IPA), Lambic beers, and Stout. So many to choose from!

If you’ve ever been to The GC you know we have a great bar… if you’ve never been to The GC, where are you? Get  over here! Anyway, we have a great selection of beers on tap. It’s so nice to see that beer has really become such an art form for so many people.

First up is Stoudts Double IPA from Adamstown, PA. gives Double IPA a pretty darn good rating, as they should. Here is what the commercial description says:
“Stoudt’s Double IPA is a strong, full-bodied ale with an intense hop character and deep golden color. This unusual brew is characteristic of the newly recognized style of extremely hoppy and malty ales of American origin. The Double IPA is our strongest beer with an alcohol of over 10% abv and bitterness of more than 75 IBU’s. Multiple kettle hop additions and generous dry hopping contribute to the powerful yet smooth and fragrant hop character of this beer.”

Now, Otter Creek Stovepipe Porter. Otter Creek is in MIddlebury, Vermont which is such a great town, if you’ve never been there you should make the trip. It’s a fun little college town (Middlebury College) and you can go to the brewery! So, the Otter Creek website describes Stovepipe: “Stovepipe Porter is made in the traditional porter style, and is a favorite with all porter lovers. Ruby-black in color, Stovepipe Porter has a rich palate and a roasted, hoppy aroma. It is delicious on its own or with a meal, and tastes great with chocolate.”

We also carry Otter Creek’s Wolaver’s Organic IPA which the Otter Creek site describes as: “Made with a generous amount of hops to produce the classic IPA. Crisp and clean, with a delicious hop spiciness and subtle malt balance. A strong beer, great with spicy foods and for those who enjoy a good, full-flavored, well hopped beer.”

So, those are just a few of the beers we have on tap. We’re always looking for something new to try so if you have a suggestion tell us. Now, come on in and enjoy a nice, cold beer with a cheese plate or our Colonial Burger!