This Is Sooo Cheesey

Forget beef – cheese is what’s for dinner!

This incredibly delicious substance is made by taking milk (cow, buffalo, goat, sheep) and acidifying it with a bacterial culture and then adding the enzyme rennet which brings you to Little Miss Muffet’s favorite “curds and whey”. The origins of cheese predate recorded history which means there is no conclusive evidence to indicate where the art of cheese making originated. There is a legend about an Arab trader who discovered cheese accidentally by storing milk in a container made from the stomach of an animal which resulted in the milk being turned into curd and whey (Little Miss Muffet’s favorite snack). But, whoever invented it – accidentally or otherwise – all I have to say is: I love them. This stuff is amazing! And there is so much to choose from, so many producers, so many flavors!

The GC has a pretty good cheese menu (and I’m not just saying that because I work here). I think that we touch on a number of different categories. We have goat’s milk cheeses , sheep’s milk cheeses, and cow’s milk cheeses and cheeses made from both sheep’s and cow’s milk. Soft, semi-soft, hard, semi-hard.

Within our selection I have two absolute favorite cheeses (my mouth is starting to water just writing about them) and these two are (drumroll) Prima Donna and Robiola Bosina. Now, I’m not saying that our other cheese aren’t good – they are, believe me, I’ve tried them. But “Prima” and “Robiola” are so good everyone I’ve given them to have loved them as well. They’re likeable, kind of like a really funny little kid, or Bob Barker (he seems likeable to me).

Prima Donna

Prima Donna comes from The Netherlands and is made in the style of a Dutch Gouda. It has a slightly rose blush color; sweet and nutty with caramel notes, a bit of a crunchy texture, but still just a subtle flavor. This cheese goes well with Merlot, Cabernet, or Zinfandel – I’ve had it with Yuengling as well and I have to say: not bad. This is the kind of cheese a “newbie” should start with; it’s a good stepping stone from Cracker Barrel Cheddar into the awesomeness of the artisanal cheese world.

Robiola Bosina

Robiola Bosina is made by Caseificio dell’Alta Langa in Bosia, Italy. It’s a blend of cow’s and sheep’s milk and is like a little pillow of mouth-watering deliciousness. At first this cheese is a sturdy paste but the rind protects while it ripens into a softer, runnier consistency which brings out more of the sheep’s milk flavor. It’s sweet, smooth and goes well with a wide range of wines and beers.

Check back soon for more information on all of our cheeses!


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