Celebration of NJ “The Garden State”

We’re parnering with local farms & artisans to bring you the best of NJ! Chef Christine is proud to offer culinary creations featuring products from local farms & artisans!

We’ll have cheeses from Valley Shepherd Creamery in Long Valley – these cheeses are amazing and you can check out the creamery and see how they make the cheese! They have a store, too. Get down there and check it out!

Also, we have fruits, vegetables and herbs from Melick’s Town Farm in Oldwick. They’re great and have wonderful produce. They do “Pick Your Own” strawberries, peaches and apples (seasonally, of course) and they have a few farm stands. You can find everything about Melick’s Town Farm here.

One of our most popular dishes on the dinner menu is the Roasted Half Griggstown Chicken – with a parmesan and herb crust, broccoli rabe and rosemary & thyme pan sauce. The chicken is from Griggstown Quail Farm in Princeton. These chickens are free-ranged chickens and they’re great for roasting. Griggstown also has a retail store where you can purchase any of the birds they raise, check out Griggstown Quail Farm.

Our trout comes from Musky Trout Hatchery in Asbury. They’re a great fish hatchery who spawn, hatch and grow the trout at their farm. It’s been around since 1958 and they also have bass, bluegill & catfish. You can stop by Musky and purchase fish and pond plants.

This is a great step for The GC – we’re doing as much as we can to keep it local and help support our food friends. When you dine at The GC make sure you look for items that are printed in GREEN, this is how you know what came from the farms.


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